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Vortex culture is ever-evolving as new technologies are developed, and how we use them changes. The Vortex culture is very focused on the work itself & it is seen in how our employee's handbooks use technology and how it should be used in the workplace.

Vortex culture refers to our employees' collective behaviours, values, and beliefs. This culture is characterized by a focus on innovation, a love of technology, and a strong work ethic. The culture of information technology is all about collaboration and creativity.

Why Information Technology culture?

Nowadays, Information technology culture has become increasingly important in the corporate world. IT is vital in many aspects of business, from communication and collaboration to data management and security. Many companies are now emphasizing developing a strong IT culture within their organization. This includes investing in employee training and development, as well as creating clear and concise policies and procedures around the use of IT within the company.

The culture of an organization's information technology (IT) department significantly impacts the overall company culture. IT departments are usually responsible for developing and maintaining company websites, email systems, and other digital platforms. They also often set policies for how employees can use these technologies. As such, an IT department's culture can ripple effect on the rest of the company. A positive IT culture can promote creativity and collaboration, while a negative one can stifle innovation and lead to frustration and conflict.

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