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Vaibhav Sulake

Chief Technical Officer

Vaibhav Saluke is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. He oversees all departments and ensures that they are running smoothly. He also works closely with the CEO to strategize and execute long-term plans. Vaibhav has a wide range of experience in the IT industry.

He is a strategic thinker and always looks for ways to improve efficiency and grow the business. Vaibhav is a strong leader and motivator, and his team loves working for him. under his guidance, the company has achieved remarkable growth in a short period. He also works closely with other senior management team members to develop and implement strategies that will help the company grow.

Vaibhav is also responsible for ensuring that Vortex complies with all regulatory requirements.

Vaibhav is responsible for increasing operational efficiency throughout the company. Vaibhav is a vital executive team member and plays a crucial role in setting the company's direction.

He leads business operations, talent supply chain, CIO, quality, and several strategic projects. In addition to his operational duties, Vaibhav works closely with the CEO to ensure that Vortex meets its growth and profitability goals. He has also been instrumental in increasing Vortex's talent pool by working with the best recruitment firms in the country.

Under Vaibhav's leadership, Vortex has seen significant improvements in all areas of operations. He has a proven track record of successful business transformation and constantly explores new ways to improve Vortex's performance.

Vaibhav is a Chief Operating Officer with a proven track record of turning around under-performing businesses. He has a reputation for always putting the customer and organization first. Vaibhav, Chief Operation Officer, is known for his ability to turn large, under-performing businesses into profitable ones. He has the experience and the knowledge to make companies work and be profitable. When it comes to business decisions, he always puts the customer first and What is best for the customer is always his focus and goal. For the organization, he always strives to make things more efficient and run smoothly. Vaibhav can motivate and inspire teams to achieve objectives. Vaibhav is also responsible for ensuring that the customer is always happy with the product or service. Always focused on doing what is best for the customer and the organization.

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Vaibhav Sulake
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