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Mohnish Mutkure

Corporate Development

Mohnish is a member of the Vortex Executive Committee and holds a bachelor's degree from Pune University. He has a proven track record in corporate development and has been involved in the successful launch of several new businesses.

Mr. Mohnish Mutkure is Vortex's global head of corporate development and post-merger integrations. Mohnish has a wealth of experience in the field and has helped lead many successful corporate development initiatives. Mohnish is an expert in post-merger integrations and has helped ensure that Vortex's acquisitions are smoothly integrated into the company. Mohnish is a key team member that allows shapes. Vortex's strategy and work have been integral to the company's success.

Mohnish has a proven track record in executing large and complex transactions across various industries. Mr. Mohnish deeply understands the drivers of value creation in businesses and has a keen eye for identifying attractive investment opportunities.

Mohnish is responsible for corporate development at Vortex. His primary focus is on acquiring solutions, platforms, and services that will be valuable to Vortex customers. To do this, he crafted and implemented Vortex's inorganic growth strategy, which has helped accelerate the company's growth by giving it access to new technologies and capabilities.

Mohnish analyses the market and looks for companies fitting Vortex's acquisition criteria. Once a target company is identified, he leads the negotiation and acquisition process.

Mohnish is responsible for crafting and implementing the company's acquisition strategy, seeking solutions, platforms, and services that would be valuable to Vortex customers. Mohnish has helped the company accelerate its growth by making key acquisitions. He is a strategic thinker who constantly seeks ways to improve the company's products and services.

This includes identifying solutions, platforms, and services that would be valuable to Vortex customers and then working to acquire them. By doing this, Mohnish hopes to accelerate the company's growth and make it more successful.

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Mohnish Mutkure
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