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Darshan Mali

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Darshan Mali is the Chief Operations Officer at Vortex. Darshan has a deep intellect and data-driven approach to expanding market access and high-performance sales. Darshan leads global sales responsibility, including leadership for large and complex international deals. Darshan ensures that Vortex products are available to customers in as many countries as possible. He also ensures that the Vortex sales team can meet customer demands. Darshan is a leader in his field and always looks for ways to improve his skills.

Darshan has experience in managing teams, processes, and resources. Responsible for ensuring that the company's operations are efficient and effective. Darshan makes sure that everything runs smoothly, that the company can meet its objectives & making sure that the project development is running smoothly, that customer service is up to par, and that all financial goals are met.

+91 98500 38350

Darshan Mali
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