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Amruta Thombre

Executive Chairman

Mrs. Amruta Thombre is the Executive Chairman of Vortex. She has an extensive background, having worked in Abbott Healthcare, Zydus Healthcare, Glenmark, and Meril Life Sciences. Ms. Thombre is a highly respected figure in the industry and has been recognized as a leading female entrepreneur. Mrs. Amruta won "The Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award" in 2021.

The chairman of the Executive, Mrs. Amruta Thombre, is a great leader and pathfinder. She has over 13 years of involvement in helping companies achieve their potential. She is passionate about her work and takes a hands-on problem-solving approach. She has a deep knowledge challenges and opportunities that businesses face. She is an expert in strategic planning and implementation and has a track record of success in turning around struggling companies. She is a visionary thinker who constantly seeks new ways to improve the bottom line. Under her leadership, Inorbvict Healthcare India Pvt Ltd has developed into a leading healthcare company that provides innovative solutions to its customers. She believes in teamwork and always puts the needs of his team first.

Thanks to her expertise, & she is confident that Vortex will continue to scale new heights and emerge as a leading player in an Industry under her leadership.

Amruta Thombre
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